C Land Realty was established for the purpose of serving clients to fulfill their real estate and business development needs. There is a wide range of real estate needs in our daily lives, from residential such as buying/selling or renting property to business development needs, such as buying/selling businesses or finding the technology/products to initiate the business. We believe that we are serving our clients every time a need is fulfilled.

Not only do we strive to serve our clients, we also work to generate revenue during the process. However, if there should be a conflict between SERVING and PROFITS while carrying on our daily business, it is our mission to pursue SERVING first, and PROFITS second.

The company firmly believes this is the way God wants us to fulfill the purpose of our profession.   In order to accomplish those two purposes mentioned above SERVING CLIENTS and EARNING PROFITS, C Land Realty is relying on the following tools to be the cornerstones of our methodology – Knowledge (and Experience), Information (and Technology), and Attitude (and Passion).

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